2017-2018 Staff

Chancy Knauth


Hi my name is Chancy. I am in eight grade and was a writer last year. I enjoy being in media publications because I like to make the unknown known.



My name is Samantha, I'm in 8th grade, my favorite class is science, my favorite elective is art because its fun, and I'm going to East View next year. I like hanging out with my friends on my free time. My favorite animal is...

michael ehrlish


Hi my name Michael Ehrlish  I am  in 8th grade, and I like to play the drums. My favorite sport is basketball, and my favorite color is blue. When I go to high school I want to go to GHS its a good school so I'm going to it....

Ruby Clarkson


My name is Ruby Clarkson, I am in seventh grade. I go to Forbes Middle School. I grew up in Georgetown . I have visited 18 different states and 2 countries (Canada and Mexico ) My birthday is April 28 2005. My favorite color...

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