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Our Earth is beautiful and visiting a National Park this spring season is a perfect way to view nature the way it is. Nature is a wonderful masterpiece and these Nature Parks can help you see that.

A National Park is a place where nature is protected and people come to visit in order to get outside and learn about our planet and why we should protect it. The main purpose for these kinds of reserves being created are to present a visual representation of how nature lives, thrives, and how amazing it can be. National Parks are chosen for their geological formations, ecosystems, and overall natural beauty. Yellowstone National Park was the first national park and was the formed by Congress to show how beautiful the area is and demonstrate to people why we need to protect the environment as best we can. The Great Smoky Mountains is the most popular park because of the breathtaking views, interesting history, and unique ecosystems.

The National Park Service is suggesting to doubling the prices for entrance fees at 17 popular National parks. The National Park Service said the increase in prices would help pay needed repairs. They said the fee for hikes could increase the national park income by 70 million dollars a year. The argument was argued by The National Parks Conservation Association.- The National Parks Conservation Association is a non profit organization.The President and CEO Theresa Pierno said, “The solution to our parks repair needs cannot and should not be largely shouldered by its visitors.”

National Parks are a popular attraction in the U.S, but there are five parks that are visited the most. The Great Smoky Mountains at the Tennessee, North Carolina border were visited by 11 million people in 2017 and is by far the most visited park. This chain of mountains got its name from the blueish mist that floats just above the peaks of the mountains. They are famous for their 800 miles of biking trails, beautiful forest scenery, and interesting history. The second most visited park is the Grand Canyon in Arizona at having 6.2 million visitors in 2017. The canyon being 6,093 feet deep is popular for being the largest canyon in the world and the breathtaking view from the ledges. Zion Canyon in Utah is the third most visited park at 4.5 million visitors in 2017. This National Park is visited for the sightseeing available and balance of natural features in the area, such as a balance of green grass and red-orange rock formations. The fourth most visited park is the Rocky Mountains in Colorado at 4.4 million visitors in 2017. This mountain range is visited for its lakes and streams that flow around the base and side of the mountains and blue skies over the snow capped mountains where skiers slide down their slopes. Last but not least, the Yosemite National Park in California had 4.2 million visitors in 2017. This hot spring plain is popular for its clear lakes and 7 mile long canyon with amazing views.

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National Parks