Autonomous Cars

Ariana Suyo

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Driver-less cars are something people have been imagining for years and they are already on the road in many states! Although it seems like a new idea, the first attempt at making an autonomous car was in 1961 by William Bertelsen. It was forgotten for decades until Google tried to recreate it and shocked everyone when they successfully made a working self driving car.

Currently 21 states have made it legal to have a driverless car out on the street. People are having different–perspectives towards this idea, while some are fascinated by the way this invention could improve their lives others are very concerned about the dangers of it. There are a multitude of reasons why these cars could become ‘the norm’ on our roads. Autonomous cars could potentially save 3,287 lives lost in car accident lost in car accidents every single day, traffic would hugely decrease because of the decrease in crashes and people would benefit from a reduction in insurance and healthcare costs. An adult would be able to commute long distances to work and do so without any stress to buy a car, you could open an app and order one to come pick you up straight from your home no matter where you live.

Driverless cars are still being tested and if it all goes smoothly, it may even convince you to adapt to this new piece of technology. Although, it is still advancing by the day and mistakes could happen. While some test runs have proven that driverless cars would have less crashes, some other ones have proven that terrible accidents could still happen. There is no guarantee that computers won’t make mistakes and glitch out. Humans could also affect the marketing of the car even if the car itself didn’t do anything wrong. In Arizona the cause of an accident was a woman that walked in front of the vehicle and it didn’t have time to stop. These cars would cause huge conflict between customers, companies, and drivers if a crash happened. Also, if you wanted to buy this car, companies are saying they’d have to charge $5,000 to $10,000 more on top of the brand itself for this new software which is a big disappointment if you are a customer. Whether you think this invention is worth every penny or whether you think this could destroy more lives, driverless vehicles are coming in 5-10 years to more places so be ready to see them out in the streets more often!


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Autonomous Cars