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On April 22, people all over the world will come together to celebrate and make an impact on our planet for Earth Day.

The first Earth Day was founded by Gaylord Nelson in 1970 after the damage of the Santa Barbara oil spill in California. Nelson and his staff of 85 were able to bring together 20 million people from all over the U.S. on April 20 to tell others about the environment. Different organizations realized that they want the same goals accomplished and started working together to achieve this goal.  Earth Day started to grow and spread as the years went on. In 1990, this event went world wide and 200 million people from 141 countries participated in spreading nature awareness. In 1995, Nelson was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom (the highest honor given to civilians) by President Bill Clinton for founding Earth Day. In 2010, the 40th  anniversary of Earth Day, 225,000 people gathered at the National Mall to take part in a climate rally and the Earth Day network started a campaign to plant 1 billion trees all over the world, which would  be finished in 2012. Today, people everywhere are working to make our planet clean and healthy so we can enjoy its natural beauty.

Earth Day serves as a good reminder to help save our planet. There are many ways to keep your city clean on this day. Earth Day is celebrated in over 192 countries but they all celebrate it in different ways. In America we do many things to show our love for our planet. One way that you can take part in the celebration is by planting a tree or  plant. This helps our planet because when you plant a tree it helps lower the level of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. Another way to help your neighborhood is to pick up trash and litter because this can help animals in your community and keep your community clean. One thing you can do to make a big difference is recycling. Instead of just throwing everything away into a trash landfill you can recycle and reuse it. By recycling we can help save our wildlife and plants  One thing to keep in mind during Earth Day is that it is good to do these things throughout the rest of the year. By getting rid of the waste and commiting to recycling, you can keep your environment and Earth clean every day of the year.

People all over the world come together on this day to clean up the Earth. Every year it becomes more and more important due to climate change and other polluting activities. Thousands of people push others into doing something proactive on Earth Day. Some people pick up trash, others fight against oil spills, and the Environmental Protection Agency even helps endangered animals. Many people think of Earth Day as a call to address climate change, keep a healthy environment, and protect the Earth for future generations. Earth Day is meant to spread awareness about pollution. Pollution is everywhere–our soil, air, and water. The three most popular words to spread awareness about Earth Day are Reuse, Reduce, and Recycle.

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