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Rebecca Haynes also known as Forbes Middle School new temporary  principal has been in the teaching industry for 35 years and has gone from being a theater teacher to being a principal in the Round Rock school district.

Ever since she started working at Forbes Middle School, she has loved it. She also worked at Richarte High School in Georgetown, Mrs. Haynes says that Forbes and Richarte have the same lay out. On her first day she noticed, was used to it, and felt comfortable. She has learned that Forbes Falcons, parents, and teachers really care about their students and their education. Mrs. Haynes loves how well behaved students are. A question that was asked was if schools are better or worse than when she went to school. She said, “It is better because when she went to school if you did something wrong or even bad you would go to the office for a hit with a paddle.

About four years ago she retired from the School District, but she dearly missed her job. Then she got a call to be a substitute principal at Forbes Middle School and we’re very glad she took the offer! She says something that is not coming as easy anymore is waking up early and getting back into the early morning habits.

As a child she loved school, but there was a teacher who would hit her with an arm cast on the head if she did something wrong. Along with other teachers that would hit her with a paddle since the teachers were allowed to do that back then. And so she stopped enjoying the rest of her 7th grade year.

One year, when she was an elementary school principal, the students had an idea to raise money for the kids that are in special ED . They wanted to raise money to make their playground handicap accessible. They said if they raised a certain amount of money that Mrs.Haynes would have to kiss a pig. Well they raised that amount and teacher brought her pet pig to school and Mrs.haynes made good on her promise — she kissed the pig!

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