Harvesting Energy

Jackson Boccella, Contributor

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Georgetown runs entirely on renewable resources, such as wind and solar energy and is buying land for solar farms.


In March of 2015 Georgetown decided to go completely energy efficient, leaving all fossil fuels behind, relying solely on wind and solar energy.

However, to reach their goal, Georgetown had to make a deal with  EDF Renewable Energy to get 75% of the energy produced by the Spinning Spur Wind Farm in order to get 100% of the energy for Georgetown the next year. One advantage of solar farms is that they are smaller than windmills, leaving room for more of Georgetown’s big projects. Another advantage of solar farms are that they generate more power than power plants and cost much less. One more amazing reason that solar farms are great is that they are visually more appealing because of the way they glisten in the sun and sparkle in the rain. Solar farms do not leave the area around them destroyed with smoke or pollution, like those nasty old power plants. One of the best reasons for solar farms is that they it provide renewable energy and they can be used over and over again. Solar farms show Georgetown’s big step toward a cleaner Earth and a greater savings for the consumer.

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Harvesting Energy