Super Blue Blood Moon

Grace Remley, Contributor

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On the last day of January, there is to be a blue moon. On this same day, a total lunar eclipse is also expected. The lunar eclipse will provide the moon with a red tint which gives it the nickname of a ‘Blood Moon’. Mixing these two together will result in what is called a “Super Blue Blood Moon.

Once the moon passes through the Earth’s shadow, the total lunar eclipse will take place, making the moon appear red for about an hour and a half. The January 31 full moon is the third in a series of straight full moon supermoons, and the first of two blue moons in 2018. It’s the first full moon eclipse in America in 150 years. The moon will be setting when the eclipse takes place, so a place high up is recommended for those who wish to see it.

A ‘potentially hazardous’ meteor is predicted to pass by Earth on the same day. It is expected to be over eight times wider than the minimum required to be considered dangerous by NASA. Flying by Earth at blurring speeds, it is predicted to just barely miss us.

Blood moons have been thought to have spiritual significance and to play a role in prophecies. Spiritual leaders in the country have said that the moons are believed to be significant with world events, many of them political. Large amounts of Christians believe that the Blood Moon is a sign of impending doom, and that it is a sign of the approaching end of the world.

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Super Blue Blood Moon