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The new, funny and adventurous movie Jumanji came out in theaters at the end of 2017.The 1995 Jumanji star,  Robin Williams says that the word “Jumanji”is a Zulu word meaning “many effects”.

In the movie, well known, talented actors made the movie a hit. Jack Black was Bethany, a girl trapped in a man’s body. Dwayne Johnson as Spencer, Karen Gillan as Martha, and Kevin Hart as Fridge were all teenagers . Each of these actors and actresses became part of a video game (Jumanji).

Jumanji was first originally a children’s picture book published in 1981 by Chris Van Allsburg. It was then written as a movie in 1995.

The original movie and the new movie versions of Jumanji are very different, but still share the same story line. The older movie is focused around the board game of Jumanji  and the settings don’t change while the characters are playing the board game. In the new version, Jumanji is a video game instead of a board game and the setting changes into the location of the video game.

Jumanji is a great comedy and entertaining movie to watch. The actors/actresses did a fantastic job of developing new characters in this different spin on a classic movie.

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