Cheer Leading Tryouts

Camryn Dyer, Contributor

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Cheerleading tryouts are coming up soon. March fifth through eighth are tryout clinics and March ninth is the tryout day. Tryouts this year will be held at Georgetown High School and East View High School. Tryouts for high school and for middle school are on the same night at your predetermined campus.


Imagine this, you walk in the doors, your heart is pounding at two hundred beats a second, the palms of your hands are damp from the nerves. In your head there are a million things running through your head. Will you fake it till you make it? I would hope so because this day that keeps running through your mind is cheerleading tryouts, one of the most stressful times of the year.Guess what, its just around the corner.


Clinics are the most important thing you need to go to for tryouts. Clinics are four day practices  after school for a week leading up to tryouts. In clinics you practice jumps, practice your skills if you have any. Learn the tryout cheer, and you learn the tryout dance. Each day you will get the chance to meet new potential team mates. While you are in clinics remember that there will be a coach watching you at all times, this isn’t supposed to scare you ,but with the coaches being at tryouts actually gives you an opportunity to stick out the the coach.


Tryout day, the day you get to show the coach and the judges what you could bring to the team. At tryouts you go through steps from when you enter the gym and from when you leave.. First you will show up in the outfit you are instructed to wear (usually a white shirt and black shorts with hair in a high ponytail) and get your number pinned to your shirt/ check in. Secondly you will stretch with the team and by yourself, you can also be eating snacks at this time. Next you will be called by your school you are trying out for, your number, and possibly your name, you will tryout in a group of four or five. Ater you are called you will wait for the judges to call your number, you will walk onto the floor or tumble in if you have tricks. You will then do your three jumps, the cheer by yourself then walk to the wall where the rest of your group is. The whole group will walk back onto the floor together and do the dance. Lastly you will wait for thirty minutes to an hour to get the results if you made it or not.


A cheer team is like a second family, you meet new people that will be in your life for years. Cheer can help you find many things that you might not even know you were good at. Being apart of a team can show you how to be a leader and even a better friend to those around you. The question is are you willing to work for it?

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Cheer Leading Tryouts