8th Grade Basketball Tournament

Joel Lopez, Contributor

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On January 20th Forbes Middle School had a school tournament, witch they played Leander and Henry Middle School. The first matchup Forbes had was Leander Middle school. Leander has a has harder district teams then forbes does. The game started and both teams were in a slow rhythm in the first half, but the second half was way different. Forbes took the lead by playing harder than the other team and took the win against Leander 20-24. The next game B team was up and they were looking for the win just like A team did. The game started and B team started really slow like the B team missing shots and wide open layups. By the time the half was done B teams score was 10-10. Coach might of  told them something that lit a spark because when they came back they executed and won the game 32-25. After both games Forbes A and B team got a break until the next team.  They practiced shooting  and rested until they met their next opponent. All teams had a rest time before the next game. Henry Middle school showed up to Forbes from Wagner Middle School after they beat Benold Middle School 93-87. A team is up first against Henry. The game started and Henry won the tip off. Both teams were scoring and playing hard in the first and second quarter. By half time the score was 16-12 Forbes was up. Everyone is waiting to see the next half because this is a god game. Both teams play good in the third quarter, but the game is tied 25-25. In the fourth quarter forbes and henry would make basket after basket until Henry’s post man threw a punch at Even Corvill. He was ejected and Forbes got to shoot two free throws. They only made one which Forbes up by one. Both teams keep making buckets, but Forbes fought stronger and won 34-33. Everyone is so happy for A team but now it’s time for B team to go to work. The game started and B team wins the tip off and in the first few seconds of the game Forbes makes a basket. Henry was dominating B team after that one basket Forbes had. In the half the score was 22-5. Everyone thought this was a blow out. When they came back Forbes fought harder and just kept making shot after shot until they were down by two points in the fourth quarter. Forbes B team fought hard but lost 32-34.


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8th Grade Basketball Tournament