Workout! Shoes

Hannah Doerr, Contributor

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Spring is in the air and it is time to get in shape before summer and spring break. Now that you are getting in shape what do you wear? We are talking about what to wear to rock your workout.

There are many brands of sports shoes like Nike, Puma, Under Armor and Adidas. Nike is the most popular of these brands in multiple categories with a value of $15 billion. Popular tennis shoe colors are red, royal blue, and neon green or yellow. These shoes are made for different types of athletes. Most of the shoes have memory foam to cushion and surround the soles of your feet to make your workout comfortable. There are two types of rubber that can be used for the sole of the shoe, carbon rubber or blown rubber. Blown rubber is made more for a flexibility and comfort while carbon rubber is made more for durability. The upper part of the shoe is made from synthetic mesh and is made for stability, support, durability, and for lightweight. If maximum support is needed, then a shoe with more leather on the upper part would be ideal.

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Workout! Shoes