Ugly Sweaters

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You’ve received an invitation to a holiday party–what to wear? Put down that formal outfit you purchased for the occasion and wear a true conversation starter.  A Christmas sweater.


 Everything’s better when you’re wearing an ugly sweater. These sweaters are in season and we’ll tell you the reason. Today we will be writing to you about the history of these hideous sweaters. Ugly sweaters were originally meant to be a fashion trend, but as the community changed and our ideas and opinions changed, so did the look of the sweater. Sweaters that we now call ugly, were what our parents used to call cute and festive. Ugly sweaters are now said to be “tacky”, or of “bad taste. Ugly sweaters are starting to become a thing of the present again and more and more people are starting to wear them, which brings us to our next point.


If you want to be a trendsetter this Christmas season wear an ugly sweater. The first place you might want to look before you get an ugly sweater is Target.  One of their best sellers is there Reindeer Christmas sweater in green that has snowflake sleeves and the reindeer is in the middle of the sweater. The next store that has unique options for Christmas sweaters is Party City. Now you might think that the Party City store is just for decorations but they have a variety of options for Christmas sweaters. They have sweaters from many movies like Elf, A Christmas Story, and National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. Then they have sweaters that just have regular Christmas icons like gingerbread and snowman.  These stores are excellent places to buy a fun new Christmas sweater.       


Ugly sweaters first started as a trend at Christmas parties. Now these vile sweaters are worn all the time during the holidays. A lot of people have Christmas parties with an ugly sweater theme, it’s just one small way to show off your Christmas spirit. These tacky sweaters are worn at schools, given as presents, and maybe even put in your advent calendar. Your school might have an ugly sweater day to get kids in the Christmas spirit. These sweaters are also given as gifts. You could either make your own special ugly sweater for someone or you can buy one for them. These are cute, affordable presents  for a friend or family member. People have made advent calendars that are called 12 Days of Ugly Sweaters. This creative idea puts the recipient of the advent calendar in the holiday spirit and allows them to have a repulsive sweater to wear to their parties and schools.      

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Ugly Sweaters