What’s Going On In Seaperch

Ethan Fajardo

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In Seaperch we are building underwater robots by  using a 3D printing machine for our competition in March. Mr. Lermon has a 3D printer and we have to have a fundraiser to get the material for the 3D printer which can get pretty expensive.   

We practice during Advisory everyday and practice after school every Wednesday. Seaperch’s fundraiser will sell a lot of snacks and candy. The last two months we have been working on designs for a underwater robot. The students in Georgetown can design a shirt with all the sponsors for all the teams in the district. We are using the 3D printer for the body of the robot and getting the motors and wires from the $100 Seaperch kit. We have to put the motor and wires together with soldiering. Once we have the motors and the robot ready we will put it together and start practicing. There is a obstacle course made out of hoops and the robot has to go through five hoops and comes back through the hoops and the fastest time wins a trophy and a high chance to go to Nationals. There is also a Puzzle Challenge in which  the robot has to pick up little hoops and put them on a pole and two square boxes that the robot has to pick up and put on the table. The rings are worth two points and the cubes are worth five points.The team with the highest points gets a trophy. The competition gives first, second, and third place trophies in the categories of: fastest time, top scores, best journal, and best interview.Only ten teams will be going to nationals at MSU in Dartmouth, Massachusetts.

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What’s Going On In Seaperch