The 10 Fastest Roller Coasters In The World

Joseph Dovey

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Every day, lots of people all over the world seek thrill in the form of riding roller coasters. Whether it’s for sheer thrill or a family vacation, roller coasters are a way of enjoying yourself at an amusement park. Here are the 10 fastest roller coasters in the world.


  1. Intimidator 305, in the USA. The top speed is 90 miles per hour. Intimidator 305 stands at 305 feet tall. That’s as tall as the Statue of Liberty. The first drop is 300 feet, and the steepest angle is 85 degrees.


  1. Leviathan, in Canada. Leviathan’s top speed is 92 miles per hour. The first drop in 306 feet, which is where Leviathan reaches 92 miles per hour on an 80 degree drop.


  1. Millenium Force, in the USA. Its top speed is 93 miles per hour, and is 310 feet tall. Millenium Force was the first roller coaster in the world with a height of between 300 and 399 feet tall.


  1. Steel Dragon 2000, in Japan. Steel Dragon 2000’s top speed is 95 miles per hour, and it’s 318 feet tall. Steel Dragon 2000 is the longest roller coaster and uses more steel than any other roller coaster in the world.


  1. Ring Racer, in Germany. Ring Racer’s top speed is 99 miles per hour, and the height is 123 feet. Ring Racer reaches its top speed in less than a mere 2 seconds. Ring Racer was originally supposed to be launched in 2009, but was delayed to 2013.


  1. Superman: Escape from Krypton, In the USA. The roller coaster’s top speed is 100 miles per hour, and the height is 415 feet. Originally, the coaster was to be launched in 1996, but because of a few problems, it opened in 2011 with backward facing trains.


  1. Dodonpa, in Japan. The top speed of Dodonpa is 107 miles per hour. Dodonpa reaches 107 mph in an incredible 1.8 seconds, and it is 171 feet tall. Dodonpa is 1189 feet long and it crosses that distance in just 55 seconds. Dodonpa opened in 2001.


  1. Top Thrill Dragster (TTD), in the USA. TTD goes 120 miles per hour, and is 420 feet tall. TTD is the first roller coaster in the world that is higher than 400 feet. After reaching 120 mph, TTD shoots up a 90-degree incline.

      2. Kingda Ka, in the USA. Kingda Ka’s top speed is 128 miles per hour, and is 456 feet tall. After                       reaching that height, Kingda Ka plunges 418 feet. The ride is only 28 seconds long, yet in that time             in covers 3118 feet of track.

      1. Formula Rossa, in United Arab Emirates (UAE). Formula Rossa’s top speed is a whopping 150                    miles per hour, and it climbs to a height of 171 feet. Formula Rossa covers 2.2 kilometers, which is              the length of the track, in one minute and 19 seconds.

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The 10 Fastest Roller Coasters In The World