Three Winter Wardrobe Wishes

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Topping your outfit with the perfect accessory is an absolute necessity. Hot is getting old so let’s dress for the cold. When dealing with fashion you have to have passion. Everyone knows you need to add to your clothes. We are here to tell about accessories, which are essentials to every outfit.


As we all know, fall going into winter is when it starts to get cold, so people tend to bring out the sweaters and the jeans. Sweaters are just plain without something to wear with it. A scarf is the perfect accessory for you to keep you warm, but also look cute and fashionable. Scarves tend to be worn with a plain shirt and mostly has a design on it. Scarves are a perfect way to make a plain outfit pop. There are infinity scarves, shoulder scarves, head scarves, neck scarves, etc. Another way to accessorize is to wear a belt with your jeans. Big belt buckles and leather belts are popular right now along with jeweled leather and buckles. Shopping for the jeans that fit just right is hard to do, so a belt to hold your jeans are very convenient. The perfect belt is so great to have and can really put an outfit over the top.


If you live in Texas you always should buy a necklace.There are many popular brands  of necklaces for instance, Kendra Scott and Alex and Ani. Here I will tell you the most popular necklaces of winter 2017. The two types of necklaces I am going to be talking about today is Kendra Scott and Pearl necklaces. Kendra Scotts have become a very popular over the past few years there are many different styles they have like the Tassel Pendant Necklace or there Leanor Pendant Necklace. The most popular necklace types worn by women are the Elisa Pendant Necklace. The Elisa Pendant Necklace comes in many different colors like there iridescent Drusy rose gold and the Platinum Drusy. Kendra Scotts can be bought online or in their stores. Kendra Scotts are priced at $65. The last type of necklace is a pearl necklace that became popular last year and have stayed in style through this year, especially in the winter time. They have two different styles a one pearl on a black rope and a three pearl necklace on a black rope


You need to understand that everyone should have a headband. Now we will be talking about headbands. Headbands are a perfect way to top your outfit. One reason you should wear headbands is they keep your fly away’s and baby hairs out of your face. Headbands are made of a continuous loop of terry cloth, which is like an absorbent material. This absorbs sweat during physical activity so it doesn’t get into you eyes. Headbands come in all different styles of headbands such as wide, skinny, and thin. To find the perfect headband you need to find an outfit and decide what type of headband will go best with it. Headbands come in all different colors. Typically people go for a color that matches everything such as black, white, and grey. If you want a more bold approach you could by pink, teal, blue, purple, even multi colored. Some stores that have good options on headbands is Lululemon, Ivivva, Under Armor, and Nike . Be grand and get a headband.

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Three Winter Wardrobe Wishes