The Masque of the Red Death:Book Review

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A very surprising and interesting piece of writing was written in May 1842 in Maryland Baltimore. If you are interested in literature make sure to check out The Masque of the Red Death by Edgar Allan Poe.

The Red Masque of Death is a terrible disease that is incredibly gruesome and in the book has killed about half the kingdom. The crowned Prince Prospero doesn’t care about the poor so he gathered all of his richest friends and locked them inside of his castle. About six to five months later he threw a masquerade party where all guests dressed up and wore masks. Prince Prospero had seven different rooms, decorated beautifully with different colors including blue,purple,green,orange,white, violet, and black. The black room resembles death. It is awfully creepy and most of the guest are too weirded out to go back in. The room has dark black walls, blood red windows, and a big black clock which chimes every hour. Once the clock strikes midnight everyone falls into complete silence and stops dancing. As they were standing around the guests noticed an unusual attendee. The guest dressed up as a corpse who died from the Red Death. The guest walked slowly through every room, scaring the others in attendance. Prince Prospero is so furious that someone would have the nerve to wear such a costume that he orders someone to seize the villain and unmask him. No one had the courage to do it, not even Prince Prospero himself. Prince Prospero is fed up with this and runs towards the guest pulling out his dagger. Just as he reaches the black room the guest turns around to face Prince Prospero and  Prospero falls to the ground he is dead. The crowd attacks the culprit, only to discover there was nothing behind the mask. The Red Death found its way to the party and one by one the guest begin to die off.

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The Masque of the Red Death:Book Review