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Choir is one of the most exciting and different classes you could ever take and it gives you a lot of good experience. If you want to take your career path along the musical route, taking this elective could help you out in the future. Choir has been practicing for the Veterans Day program that takes place on November 10th. In the Veterans Day program”, the choir is singing two songs– The Star Spangled Banner and the Armed Forces Medley. They are also beginning to practice for the UIL competition in 2018 We are starting with our sight reading practices to gain strength in the sight reading category. Sight reading is a page or two of music notes and solfege. This is Ms.G’s fourth year as the Forbes middle School teacher.She wanted to be a writer, but developed an interest in helping her fellow choir classmates. In college she took her interests to a new level and began to pursue becoming a choir teacher and that’s when she knew what she wanted to be.

On a normal choir class day, the students do several exercises to improve their vocal talents.They warm up their voices, practice songs, and finish assignments. They practice their songs all year to get ready for UIL and many other competitions. Ms.G takes a group of kids (around 10) to the regional competition in Fall. In Spring, she takes varsity to UIL, and has the kids compete in as a group. Last year the Varsity choir got a five (the best score) in both our song group section and in sight reading. The choir won a trophy for their victory.

Did you know?

Ms G’s favorite song to “jam out” with is Chandelier by Sia?

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