All About Pumpkins

Samantha Galicia and Maria Guzman

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The large, and orange object that is used for many things also has an interesting history. As I researched this topic I learned many interesting facts. As I read more about this simple gourd, I came to appreciate its impact on our American culture.

It seems like pumpkins originated in North America, but the word Pumpkin came from the French, and English. They use to be called “Pepon” which means large melon in Greek. They just decided to gradually morph the word, Pumpkins are planted in soil and are watered each week until they grow big and round. They grow and thrive with squash, corn, and beans so people would say they’re “sisters”. They’re  grown in every continent except Antarctica, they have the world’s best supply of pumpkins in China, India, Ukraine, the United states, Egypt, and Mexico. Pumpkins are very heavy and can be very large the largest pumpkin grown weighed 1,140 pounds there very heavy because there 90% water. Not all pumpkins are the same there are 42 different types of pumpkins.

Pumpkins are used to make soup, desserts, bread, and pie. Its also used for many other things. They use jack-o-lanterns to carve them on Halloween. The sap and pulp of pumpkins has long been used throughout parts of the central and north america as treatment for burns,it can also cure snakes bites and remove freckles. Pumpkins help with this because it has potassium and vitamin A.When you combine pumpkin puree with natural ingredients like coconut milk and cinnamon create products that are good for your skin. Pumpkins that are sold for carving on Halloween are still eatable, but not as good has pumpkins that are grown to be eaten.  

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All About Pumpkins