Walking into Fall

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In order to find the perfect fashionable necessity, you just have to read our article and we will give you some style tips and the latest news on shoes!       

One pair of must have fall shoes is the mid-height Chelsea boots by Dear Frances. These float boots are heeled boots with a white or black line across the wooden heel. They come in different styles and colors and are a perfect comfortable way to put an outfit over the top. Another pair of fall shoes are Over-the-Knee Boots by Cole Hahn. This boots, hence the name, go up to the knee and normally have either a tall thin heel or no heel. These boots can also come in many different colors. While there are many accessories that can be found on the boot like a buckle or a zipper, these boots are found in the same style. The final style we have is the Francia Bootie by Vince Camuto. These are ankle high boots that have a slit down the side and a wide medium height heel. These boots come in many different colors to match your outfit and make you stand out in a crowd.

Next, we will be talking about Birkenstocks which are one of the most trending shoe trends in 2017.  There are many different styles of Birkenstocks that you can get.  For example the two I will be talking about today are the Arizona style and the Mayari style. The Arizona style is there most popular women’s sandal that many people wear today out and about. It is a two strap sandal with buckles on each of the straps. There most worn colors in this style are the Mocha which is a lighter brown material for the shoe and a copper buckle on both of the sides of the sandals. There second very fashionable color is called stone which is a gray two strap sandal with a copper buckle on both straps. The next style of Birkenstocks is the Mayari this type of sandal has two straps but the second strap crosses over the other strap on top of your toe. This is another charming style that comes in many colors. This styles most popular colors are the Habana in a dark brown with a gold buckle on each strap. The next color is Antique Lace a bright white with a darker stained gold strap. Birkenstocks can look good with many different outfits you can use it with a casual outfit or a dressed up outfit. You can buy birkenstocks online or in store but do not be afraid to try a new style. Do not reuse your shoes go out and buy new shoes for fall.

Finally, we will be talking about Converse. You can get Converse in many different colors such as red, grey, black, and the most popular color is white. A couple of stores you can buy Converse at are Converse Factory Store, Converse outlet, the Round Rock outlet, and of course online. Converse were first made as a fashion statement in 1980 and soon became a frequently bought shoe brand. Converse are a perfect shoe to go with your outfit because they are comfortable. Converse are comfortable because they are made of a lightweight material that allows more flexibility. Converse are affordable, you can buy two pairs of converse for the price of one pair of Air Jordans. This will make it easier to replace if they are damaged, dirty, or old. Converse also go with a lot of in style fall outfits. In fall it will start to get more chilly so people start to wear jeans, leggings, sweaters, and long sleeved shirts, Converse go with all of these. Converse are a perfect item to put your outfit over the top. Always choose the right shoes!

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Walking into Fall