The Problems Surrounding Mental Illness

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Mental illness affects one in five teens and young adults, 20% of our population, yet it is still ignored. Depression, anxiety, ADHD, and eating disorders are some of the most common mental illnesses and there are plenty more that are often overlooked. Over 450 mental illnesses have been confirmed by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of mental disorders and the International Statistical Classification of diseases and related health problems.  People have to suffer quietly with mental illness issues every day, but only four percent of the entire health care budget is spent on medications and treatments.

Mental health is understated and not taken nearly as seriously as it should be and there are plenty of negative stigmas and stereotypes surrounding mental illness. Even doctors often treat patients with mental illnesses less seriously than patients with physical issues. The discouragement caused by this prevents many people from getting proper treatment. Not getting proper treatment is extremely dangerous and worsens the problem. If not treated, the illness can get worse and widen in symptoms, making it harder to treat it later. Victimization, substance abuse, and suicide are also common consequences of being untreated.

Health care for the mentally ill isn’t getting any better, and many people claim it has gotten worse. More people need to be aware of how much of an issue this is. Countless lives can be saved and made better if treatment gets better and awareness is raised. There are many organizations helping the cause, raising the chances of better health care and less people having a mental illness at all.

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The Problems Surrounding Mental Illness