Who Want’s to be a Billionaire

Ariana Suyo

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North Korean hackers tried to steal one billion dollars but who a simple spelling error  stopped them from succeeding. They were attempting a theft from the Bangladesh Central Bank when the bankers grew suspicious about such a big withdraw request that misspelled foundation as “fandation”. Even so, Kim-Jong Un and his secretive country got away with $81,000,000.

The hacker wasn’t even Korean, who would’ve guessed? The hacker that attempted the biggest North Korean cyber attack was a 22-year old British man.  North Korea has about 6,000 hackers at the moment and their hacker count is growing by the day. North Korea has been expanding their hacking abilities to include U.S attack plans.

The dictionary definition of  hacking is “using a computer to gain unauthorized access to data in a system”. North Korea has some of the most advanced and intelligent hackers in history. North Korea makes its money from the coal industry as it uses forced labor, but now they can add hacking to that because North Korea has stolen millions, if not billions just from hacking. 


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Who Want’s to be a Billionaire