Sweater Weather

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It’s about to get cold so let’s dress bold. We came to you with hair, but now it’s time for fashionable, fall, flare. Let’s all dress better and bring out your sweater. It’s fall ya’ll! There are many different things you might want to know about this fashion before you try it on you.

Colors play a key role in fashion. It is also vital to know what colors are trending and when. Airy blue, aurora red, warm taupe, and dusty cedar are some of the colors that are literally last season. Shaded spruce, navy peony, autumn maple, tawny port, and ballet slipper are the “in” colors for fall of 2017. Sweaters are what most people bring out from their closest for fall, and stores start bringing out their sweaters for shoppers. Having the right color for your outfit can make you feel warm during the cool weather. Typically warmer, or darker colors are what is popular during fall season. The occasional lighter colors like pink are what some people decide to wear for fall, although darker is normally better. Color is important in fashion, but the material is important to.

Sweaters are the perfect way to keep you feeling your best in the colder weather. There are many different fabrics you can  choose to make you feel you. One of the most trending sweater materials in the U.S. is velvet.  It is very luxurious and high quality. It is used at many of the name  brand stores. For example Nordstrom, J Crew, and Forever 21.  Many models in the U.S. wear this style on the runway. Velvet was in style in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s, but now velvet has hit it’s peak in 2017. One color that is great as velvet is ballet slipper.  Another fabric trending as a sweater material is cotton. Cotton is a  sweater material that is a greatly used as a sweater material in the United States. Many big brand stores like Nordstrom, Macy’s, and Old Navy carry sweaters that are made of cotton. This are just a few of the many stores that use the fabric cotton. These two fabrics are the things might want to look into before you buy a sweater. All in all sweaters are the main fashion used in fall.   

Fashion is a crucial part of expressing yourself. Now that it’s fall you need clothes that can keep you warm and what does that better than a sweater. There are so many types of sweaters like v-neck, crossed back, turtle neck, etc. Of course picking a sweater is based on your fashion style, but we are going to give you ideas. Some stores you can find in style sweaters at are Macy’s, Nordstrom, and Urban Outfitters. At Macy’s sweaters you can choose from include the Cold Shoulder, cardigan, v-neck, and a Charter Club Cashmere sweater. At Nordstrom sweaters you can choose from include the Ruffled Cold Shoulder, Rib Knit Midi Cardigan, criss-cross, Lush Tie Sleeve, and Hinge Ribbed Cardigan. At Urban Outfitters sweaters you can find include the Jesse Over-sized Cardigan, Plush Chenille Cardigan, Harper Knit, and Charlie Domain Cardigan.

Sweaters are a main part of fall fashion and we hope that this article informed you further on your style for 2017. Our goal is to assist our fellow students with their style because helping with fashion is our true passion.


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Sweater Weather