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Fall is here and it’s time for loose braids, buns and top knots. People all over the country are crowding hair salons for the latest hair styles of 2017. Get ready for a thriller article about fall hairstyles that are cute and easy.

Loose braids are a perfect, easy look to have your hair out of your face and make you stand out of the crowd. Braids are a fun way to style and you can tweak the hairdo however you want to make it unique to you. You can do many different types of braids. For instance, a french, a dutch, or a fishtail braid are just some variations of a braid. One hairstyle that is trending is when you split your hair in two sections and then dutch braid the two of them making boxer braids. There are many styles and variations to a braid, but that is not the only reason you should choose braids. Hairstylists say wearing braids is healthier than a ponytail because they are not tight on your scalp. Tight ponytails can cause major hair loss due to friction put on your hair. Braids protect healthy hair and healthy hair is shinier, fuller, and softer.

Another cute hairstyle you can do are buns or top knots. You could do loose buns, tight buns, braided buns, etc. Buns are stylish for both boys and girls of all ages. A stylish hairdo you could do is a reverse bun, a braid from the bottom layer of your hair that will reach where you want to place your bun. Buns are a perfect way to keep long hair out of your face and, experts say it keeps your hair about the same length. When hair isn’t hanging down your face, it’s not going to tangle, get caught, or get in your way at all.

Here are some things you should do to your hair to keep it healthy. Knowing when to wash your hair is important. If you wash your hair too often, your hair will dry out. The key times to wash your hair is typically every other day. When you wash you hair, it is important to wash your hair with a shampoo or conditioner that suits your hair type. For example, if you have thick, or oily hair, use a shampoo for thick or oily hair. Another way to keep your hair healthy is not rubbing your hair hard with a towel after you shower. The way to keep it dry without damaging it is blotting, or dabbing your hair lightly with a towel to dampen your hair so it will air dry faster.

I hope that this article has been very informative and helps you to keep healthy hair and you still stay in style this fall.

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