Football Injury List

Allen Baker, contributor

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Throughout the football season many football players were hurt after games and practices

Walter is one of the injured players. He sprained in his hamstring when he got tackled the wrong direction

Manzernaras is the second injured player. Which he has worse, as so he went to the emergency room just to find out he got a concussion from a guy’s shoulder pad hitting his helmet and twisting it causing him to get a concussion. He might be out for the whole season

The third injured player is named Alves who twisted his leg at the Tuesday night game.

The next injured player is named Olle who hurt is back from a helmet to the back. At the Tuesday night game.

The next injured player is named Horton, who hurt his hand from jamming it on a helmet. At the last night’s game

The fifth injured player and final injured player is Clayton. He can’t really run because at the game Tuesday a helmet full speed at his leg. He should be back on the field in about a week.

The sixth and final player that is injured named Coto he jammed his finger almost breaking it because in practice his finger caught in a linemen’s helmet

These have been the injuries in football so far.

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Football Injury List