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Volleyball is a fun and athletic sport. Every Tuesday and Friday we  go to the weight room so we can build up our physical strength. But when we are preparing for the game we go into game mode which means, getting ready for the game to start. We always try to get a hit- set- pass over the net. A hit is just where you hit the ball with your arms, a set is where you pass it up with your hands and then you just pass it again. We always try not to mess up our rotations. Rotations are where you’re in your spot on the gym floor and then rotate.

Some  positions volleyball players play are service reserve 1 which is you get into a spot where you have been directed to stand. The same applies  for serves reserve 2 and 3. There is always a free ball transition. A free ball is where the ball is passed over the net the first 3 players have to get off the net. There is defense when we think a person is going to tip the ball or down ball it. A down ball is where someone hits the ball down and a tip is where you  hit the ball with the tips of your fingers. Game days are held at their school or away and they are always fed before their game. Then, they get out onto the court and give 100%  and hopefully win the game.

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