7th Grade Boy’s Football

Wyatt Beach

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The 7th grade B team is currently undefeated and the A team is 0-3 as of 9/27/17.

They won against Tippit 20-0. The running back Becton made three touchdowns. They won against Benold 0-6.Once again Becton made the touchdown. It seems that he is carrying the B team on his shoulders. The B team won against Farley just slightly in 4th quarter. It was an amazing comeback. It was a very, very interesting to watch the teams battle back and forth. Forbes made the first touchdown but they did not make the two point conversion. The touchdown was made by Becton. Then Farley made a touchdown and did not make the conversion it was 6-6. Again Farley made a touchdown, and made a two point conversion. It was 6-14 and its was 3rd quarter. Then in the 4th quarter Forbes makes a touchdown but once again no conversion, the touchdown was made by the tail back Hartman. The score was 12-14 we were still down. Then for the win quarterback McDaniel made a touchdown and made the conversion. The score was 20-14 it was the last quarter. When Forbes got the ball back to waste time they just knelled the ball.

The 7th Grade A team is currently 0-3 as of 9/27/17.They lost against Tippit , 0-6 the touchdown that Tippit made was a fumble touchdown. BUTTERFINGERS! They also lost to Benold 20-6. The touchdown made by Forbes was a running back touchdown made by Bryndan . A player on our A team got a concussion. He is a receiver. Last name Manzanares. When Forbes A team played against Farley , Farley won 26-6 The game was an absolute blowout, the touchdown Forbes made by Walter.

So in conclusion B team is on a streak and A team is yet to take a Win. The team Liberty hill forfeit because they have a teacher holiday on that’s day.




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7th Grade Boy’s Football