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Art class is an everyday elective here at Forbes Middle school in the 8th grade hall. It’s an elective which allows the students creativity to be developed through year-long projects. Art is an amazing, relaxing class. I always look forward to see what we’re doing next like what next project or assignment is.

It’s a fun class because the teacher is really nice, also she gives us really fun projects. In art there’s three different levels there’s art 1, art 2, and art 3. Sometimes we get to do clay, but right now were working with the elements of art witch are line, color, texture, space, value, shape, and form. Are first project was creating our sketch book into an art piece we did that by cutting little pieces of tissue paper and gluing in on the sketch book. We also have had another project where we fold a poster board and turn it into a portfolio to put all are art papers in it during out the year. The outside we had to create it into an art piece by writing our name and describing our self and drawing the type of art we like then coloring it. We also have another project about the primary colors which are red, blue, and yellow, we have to draw a bunch  on squares and rectangles different sizes and some lines or bold than other then you just color some squares or rectangles black and leave some blank then you can start filling the rest with red, blue, and yellow. The best part is that’s you relaxed. When I’m having a bad day I just look forward to art class. In some art piece you can express your feelings, if someone is sad, happy, mad, you can tell because of what they choose to draw. But to enjoy art you really have to like it. You have to be confident on what you drawing. The teacher sometimes lets the students listen to music meanwhile drawing she says it can inspires us on what to draw.

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