8th Grade A Team Football

Joel Lopez

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In the first game of the season Forbes and Tippit went head to head. It was a very good game, so good so many people showed up. It was a good battle between the two teams, when Forbes would score Tippit would come back with another touchdown. Devin Ross made two touchdowns and Baylor Alexander made one. But at the end of the day Forbes end up losing by one point (21-20).

The second week comes up and the rival Benold comes to mind. Forbes A team has not beat them in 8 years and they were hoping to beat them this year. Forbes knew it was going to be a hard game but they were ready for Benold. Forbes was doing good they were intense and focus. They kept stopping Benold from getting a first down and Forbes kept getting the ball back. First touchdown was made by Devin Ross. It was a good hard game but Forbes had a whole lot of fire in them, they were not giving up now.  Forbes kept fighting hard and rough and kept stopping Benold. Forbes kept scoring and gave Benold no faith of winning the game. The final score was 20-12.

The third game of the season comes and Forbes is going against Farley. Last year Farley beat Forbes 21-7, but Forbes was ready to fight this year. Both teams were warming up and suddenly it stars pouring rain right when the game was about to start. It didn’t bother Forbes they were there to win not whine about the rain. Game started and Fraley had the ball first but they didn’t go so far with it. Forbes stopped them, so they got the ball. First play of the game was a touchdown by Peyton Adams. Both teams were playing hard even though it was pouring rain on them. Farley scored and it was tied but Forbes was not done. They came back with another score and it was 12-6. No one scored for a while till Farley came back with another score and tied game again. First half came to an end but second half was ready to come. Forbes took over on second half and just kept scoring. Farley knew they had no chance of winning. It was a well fought game but Forbes took the win 32-12

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8th Grade A Team Football